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February 15, 2013 - Generator Challenge 3.0 Winners

Announcement: Generator Challenge 3.0 Winners

The Generator Challenge competition awards premium, turn-key workspace for 12 months to early-stage technology companies that demonstrate a high probability of success.

This is a joint project of Discovery Parks and the City of Vancouver.  2013-14 will be the third year of operation for the Generator.

This year’s Generator Challenge was the most competitive to date.  The submissions were of the highest quality and the judges were forced to make tough decisions.  These companies were deemed the best of the best.

Discovery Parks is pleased to announce the winners of the Generator Challenge 3.0 Competition:


BeanEvo’s on-demand accounting solutions are changing the way people work through flexible, elegantly designed accounting solutions which streamline and accelerate paperless transactional commerce.  We help our customers reduce their carbon footprint and give them their workflow, their way.  Twitter:  @beanevo

Dragonfly Instruments:

Dragonfly Instruments is a start-up venture founded around vision of development and production of exciting new devices that will drastically improve the field of water quality testing.  Dragonfly Instruments’s first and flagship instrument, Nymph, utilizes unique spectroscopy technologies to analyze heavy metal contaminants in groundwater.

Emberlight Technologies:

Emberlight Technologies is a company specializing in data analytics. Our expertise lies in breaking down large volumes of data and rebuilding the pieces into valuable insights for our customers. We currently focus on the online gaming industry and have become an important resource for both operators and players alike.

MedVoxel Systems:

MedVoxel Systems develops and markets medical image analytical tools for cardiologists and radiologists. MedVoxel is radically faster and more adaptable with its strong understanding of customer needs and its scientific research and implementation capabilities.

Optigo Networks Inc.:

Optigo Networks Inc. is revolutionizing connectivity in intelligent buildings with our next-generation optical switch and cloud controller. This innovative technology will allow users to simplify network architectures, extend reach and save on installation, ownership and energy costs.

PHEMI Health Systems Inc.:

PHEMI is a powerful new Hospital Information System that improves productivity and patient outcomes by automating hospital clinic workflows.

Precision Nanosystems Inc.:

Precision Nanosystems Inc. is an early-stage biotechnology company whose proprietary equipment (NanoAssemblr™) and consumable Reagent Kits use nanotechnology to translate genomic sequencing data into new medicines.


Spokal is automating online, mobile and social media marketing for businesses with less than 5 employees, solving their largest challenge – finding new clients. By automating manual processes with technology and scaling personalized advice, Spokal is levelling the playing field so small businesses can succeed without being online marketing experts.  Twitter: @getspokal


These companies will move into the Generator on April 1, 2013.

For more information regarding the Generator Challenge, please visit

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