investment criteria

Investment Criteria

  • Investment Criteria
  • Type of Entity

    For Profit Private Company based in British Columbia

  • Stage of Development

    Start-up - proof of concept complete with some sales

  • What we Invest In:

    Healthcare management systems, Healthcare Software, Wearables, Apps, Healthcare Data, Wellness systems

  • What we don't Invest In:

    Drugs, Medical Devices (unless part of wearable system, App or Software), Class 3 Medical Devices, Implantables, Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals

  • Investment Duration target

    4-8 years

  • Type of Investment

    Equity (Preferred shares or Common), SAFE (Simple Agreement for Equity), Liquidation Preferences, Convertible Debt, Debt

  • Potential Additional Terms

    Founders Vesting of Equity, Liquidation or sale trigger

  • Initial Investment (min)


  • Initial Investment (max)

    $2 Million

  • Maximum participation in Investment Round


  • Total Investment (all rounds) max

    $3 Million

  • Minimum Pre-Money Value

    $1 Million

  • Maximum Pre- Money Value

    $10 Million

  • Target Pre-Money Value

    $2 - $5 Million

  • Management Team

    Experienced or Coachable. Willing to work with others and share knowledge and experience.

  • Requirements

    Participating in Experts Guidance sessions (Quarterly), Active Check-ins, CEO Roundtables

  • Guidance on Services

    Financing, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Banking, Legal, Coaching, Mentoring, Business Expertise