Alavida has developed the first remote treatment program for Alcohol Use Disorder by combining 40 years of research with the latest technology. Alavida’s custom tech platform personalizes treatment and makes physicians, therapists, and program materials available in the privacy and comfort of home. Alavida is personalized, evidence-based treatment without all of the obstacles.  alavida.co

Blue Mesa Health provides tailored remote diabetes prevention and management programs to employees, insurance plan members and individuals with prediabetes, giving them the technology-enhanced tools they need to reduce their risk for developing type 2 diabetes. bluemesahealth.com

Claris Healthcare has developed a rehabilitation system for patients after knee surgery that employs an innovative sensor and tablet, enabling patients to more effectively manage the rehabilitation process. Doctors, physiotherapists, and patients can remotely monitor and modify the recovery process and adapt the rehabilitation program for improved outcomes. clarishealthcare.com

Starling is an online mental health and wellness program for organizations that helps people understand that mental health is every bit as important as physical health. Starling provides education, tools, and community support that’s available anytime, anywhere. This way, we can all improve our mental health to become the best version of ourselves. starlingminds.com

HeadCheck Health provides sports organizations with concussion testing software to enhance the implementation and management of their concussion policies. The Company’s mobile testing app, HeadCheck, available on iOS and Android, is customized to the organization’s policy requirements leading to faster and more data-driven assessments, while an enhanced web dashboard allows for easier and more thorough management of data. The Company also provides custom reporting to help organizations assess the execution of their policies and continuously improve their procedures to increase player safety. headcheckhealth.com

Arbutus Medical aims to improve access to surgical power tools for surgeons around the world by democratizing safe surgery and making it accessible for all by providing radically affordable tools. Through expert medical engineering and creative innovation, they have designed and commercialized a portfolio of medical devices that can improve care for millions of patients worldwide. Their flagship product, the DrillCover, is a sterilizable enclosure that allows surgeons to use an off-the-shelf hardware drill for orthopedic surgery. www.arbutusmedical.ca

A health and safety analytics company that has developed an injury risk analysis and reduction platform, Senz™, for the enterprise health and safety market. Operating at the intersection of data analytics, industrial IoT and insurtech, LifeBooster’s advances in predictive analytics paired with wearable technologies digitizes, automates, and scales proven health and safety practices to enable their large F500 industrial clients to pinpoint risks in a timely manner and intervene with at-risk workers early to prevent injuries from occurring. www.lifebooster.ca