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Discovery Parks Realty Corp will use its assets to create unrestricted capital through profitable real estate.  It will act as a lender and an equity developer, both alone and in partnership, to grow its equity base for at least five years, to support its Vision.

To achieve its mission, Discovery Parks Realty has established the following criteria regarding mezzanine loans:

Mezzanine Lending Investment Criteria

  • Geography:

    Metro Vancouver, Lower Mainland, and the rest of British Columbia. Exceptions will be considered.

  • Maximum Loan Size:

    $2.0 million

  • Maximum Loan Term:

    2 years

  • Borrowers:

    Should have a 10% equity investment in the project

  • Experience:

    Reputation of the borrowers must be exemplary

  • Competitive position:

    The project and status of municipal approvals must be clear and compelling

Discovery Parks Realty Corp will also consider taking an equity position in projects in the same locations with a maximum exit time of 4 years. This includes joint ventures, limited liability partnerships and similar structures.

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