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2016-17 Generator 6.0 Cohort

Akimbo Creations:

Akimbo Creations is a technology company meeting the needs of the multiplayer gaming industry with a cheat resistant distributed networking middleware. We believe that there is no need for the multiplayer gaming servers and that everything that is done on a gaming server can be implemented by a distributed system. The advantage of this approach is that we eliminate the costs of gaming servers, bandwidth consumption and the cost associated with detecting cheating in the gaming world.

A & K Robotics:

A & K Robotics is an early stage start-up based in Vancouver, Canada. We design and build robots and want to change the world through automation. Our first commercial robotic application is a mobile autonomous platform for light industrial work. We see the future of the world with unique eyes, pushing the boundaries of robotics and seeking real-life applications of new technologies.

PCS Technologies Inc:

PCS Technologies is now commercializing a new patented, and industrially scalable, Waste to Energy process, which uses well known technology to convert any clean agricultural or forestry residual waste, food waste, and Municipal Solid Waste, regardless of moisture content into high energy density SOLID biofuels in less than 2 hours.


Thinking of partnering? Lead the most strategic deal. MotionHall OutMatch uses AI technology to power your out-licensing research, and provides a dynamic assessment of potential partners across top, medium and speciality pharma.


Switchboard is a technology company which aims to open up large efficiencies in the long-haul trucking industry. Switchboard provides shippers with a platform to find, hire, and pay trucking companies. Switchboard will automate the processes behind finding, contracting, and paying truck fleets for hauling freight from the shipper to the receiver.

Torus Biomedical Solutions:

Torus Biomedical Solutions is commercializing a novel technology for spine and trauma orthopedic surgeons to be able to conduct fast, accurate, and safe measurements over large anatomies during surgery, in order to produce optimal surgical outcomes and avoid the enormous costs imposed to the healthcare system because of frequent expensive revision surgeries.


Visualping: Our customers use Visualping to select an area of a website of their choosing in order to receive an alert when the selected area changes. Visualping is currently used by more than 300,000 people. 15,000 new users sign up every month. Keep track of when that coveted lawnmower goes on sale, or when concert tickets are now available to purchase or when that special someone changes their relationship status on social media!

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