current and past generator tenants

2021-22 Generator 11.0 Cohort


aterio is a data platform tracking economic development, housing, and spending in municipalities, for elected officials to run smarter cities and deliver better citizen outcomes.



Castofly is an EdTech software platform to seamlessly create, share, and collaborate on video content. It adds value by eliminating the need to use multiple software and by significantly reducing end-to-end content creation time. Furthermore, the files created are small and easy to change, which unlocks collaboration synergies between educators and learners.


Hubly is purpose-built for financial advisors and their team. Our solution makes it easy to scale a consistent client experience by streamlining how advisors collaborate with their team, track progress on important tasks, and manage service workflows and onboarding processes for their clients.


Nada is a package-free grocery delivery service on a mission to connect people to just food – championing a community food system by linking buyers to suppliers and offering healthy, unpackaged products and services. Our vision is Healthy people = Healthy planet: where people link their food choices to the health of themselves and the environment.


ThisFish has a mission to improve profitability and sustainability in the seafood industry through digitization, traceability and innovation. The company is a global leader in seafood traceability software and artificial intelligence that reduces costs, strengthens process control and improves compliance in supply chains.

Streamline Athletes

A sports recruiting platform that delivers more efficient recruitment processes for university-bound high school student-athletes and for collegiate coaches. A data-driven, sport-specific approach saves time and money on both sides of the recruiting pipeline.

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