current and past generator tenants

2017-18 Generator 7.0 Cohort


AutoDwell maintains healthy indoor occupancy conditions with a system of interconnected devices, sensors and custom software. Our products enable commercial and residential occupants to view and track their indoor air quality in real time, and reports and prompts or automates corrective action to immediately improve it, thereby ensuring a healthy, fresh environment.

Buddi – Your Cannabis Companion

Buddi is a platform for cannabis producers & retailers to develop their brands, market their products, and build a deeper understanding of their customers.

DNA Romance:

DNA Romance uses the science of genomics to revolutionize online dating by forecasting chemical attraction “chemistry” between single individuals online. DNA Romance is the first online dating platform to match-make people based on all three elements of human attraction: appearance, personality & “chemistry”.

HeadCheck Health:

HeadCheck Health implements concussion testing and protocol compliance software in sports leagues, teams, and medical clinics. The HeadCheck concussion system enhances the way any sports organization executes their concussion protocol and limits athlete mismanagement. The system includes a mobile app available for iOS and Android devices, a web-based dashboard, and customized reporting.


Locumunity creates a centralized marketplace that directly connects job-seeking physicians with medical facilities using an online platform. We take agencies out of the staffing equation.


Porton Health Corporation:

Porton Health is a global Telehealth service that allows healthcare-providers to seamlessly incorporate Telehealth consults (virtual offices) to their practices without investing in their own technology, and also provides second opinion consults to patients who have been diagnosed with a critical illness or want to validate a treatment plan.

Sensible Building Science:

Sensible Building Science is a sustainability tech start-up developing innovative technologies to integrate occupancy dynamics into smart building controls. Our core technology is called the Bridge, a people-counting solution for building owners and managers. The Bridge is middleware that connects existing Wi-Fi activity data to HVAC controls for energy savings and improved comfort. No hardware required, save energy in buildings through sensorless occupancy counting and visualization.

2017-18 Generator 7.0 Cohort


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