current and past generator tenants

2019-20 Generator 9.0 Cohort

Biointeractive Technologies

We believe that everyone deserves to be able to complete their jobs and go about their lives without pain or discomfort. Our wristband, TENZR™ helps people that have suffered from a hand injury regain the use of their hand faster and more effectively. It allows the patient to take control of their recovery process and helps healthcare providers get better outcomes for their patients.

Buddi – Your Cannabis Companion

Provides customer service, education, and advertising software for cannabis retailers & producers.


A health and safety analytics company that has developed an injury risk analysis and reduction platform, Senz™, for the enterprise health and safety market. Operating at the intersection of data analytics, industrial IoT and insurtech, LifeBooster’s advances in predictive analytics paired with wearable technologies digitizes, automates, and scales proven health and safety practices to enable their large F500 industrial clients to pinpoint risks in a timely manner and intervene with at-risk workers early to prevent injuries from occurring.


A digital health company dedicated to providing patients with innovative solutions that make it easier to get the care you need, when you need it. Their core product is currently used by millions of patients to look up wait times at walk-in medical clinics across the country and to check-in online. Since launching over 3 years ago they have expanded into 6 provinces and partnered with over 65% of the walk-in clinics in Canada. Last year Medimap were recognized by the BC Innovation Council as one of the top 3 most promising start ups in the province and named to the digital health Ready to Rocket list.

Porton Health Corporation:

A global Telehealth service that allows healthcare-providers to seamlessly incorporate Telehealth consults (virtual offices) to their practices without investing in their own technology, and also provides second opinion consults to patients who have been diagnosed with a critical illness or want to validate a treatment plan.

Woodseer (Investment Tools Ltd)

A fintech business using artificial intelligence to build a very accurate dividend forecasting platform.  Customers include investment banks, options traders and hedge funds.  Being a technology-first business, Woodseer is bringing efficiency and automation to an industry ripe for disruption.


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