Nimbus Synergies Portfolio Company Blue Mesa Health Acquired by Virgin Pulse

January 15th, 2020 |

Vancouver, British Columbia, January 15, 2020 – Nimbus Synergies, investor, partner, and mentor to British Columbia’s leading health technology companies, is pleased to announce that Blue Mesa Health, one of its portfolio companies, has been acquired by Virgin Pulse, the leading global provider of enterprise SaaS solutions that simplify health and wellbeing.

“Nimbus Synergies participated in Blue Mesa’s early seed financing in 2017 and was excited to be the lead investor for its first VC financing in 2018, helping catalyze value-added capital from other similarly aligned investors,” explained Jason Robertson, Vice President of Investments for Nimbus Synergies Inc. “We feel privileged to have had the opportunity, from early product launch through exit, to contribute to a superior financial outcome for the founders, other Blue Mesa investors, and for Nimbus Synergies.”

Blue Mesa Health is a global digital therapeutics company known for its Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)-recognized Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP). Blue Mesa’s DPP solution, Transform, has a proven track record of helping prediabetic employees and health plan members more effectively manage their health and achieve sustained lifestyle change. Based upon the CDC’s landmark National Diabetes Prevention Program curriculum, Transform combines software, home health monitoring and remote health coaching to guide participants through a twelve-month behavior change program. Transform has received full recognition by the CDC, signifying that the program effectively delivers a proven Type 2 diabetes prevention and lifestyle change program.

“Nimbus’ investment team built a highly collaborative relationship with management and co-investor Stanley Park Ventures, especially through their role on our Board of Directors,” said Curtis Duggan, CEO of Blue Mesa Health. “We have been pleased to have Nimbus as a partner both sharing and enabling our vision while supporting us to execute to our fullest potential.”

The acquisition of Blue Mesa’s technology expands Virgin Pulse’s Homebase for HealthTM strategy and paves the way for Virgin Pulse to introduce future digital therapeutic solutions aimed at other common, high-cost chronic conditions and populations underserved by the healthcare system today.

Nimbus Synergies wishes Blue Mesa and Virgin Pulse much success as they continue Virgin Pulse’s focus on driving real outcomes for employees, employers, health plans and their members.


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